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Targets, ear and eye protection will be provided.

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MSR 101 Course Overview Introduction: MSR 101 is designed as an introductory course focusing on the safe handling and operation of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), commonly known as AR-15s. Classroom Curriculum: A. History and Function: Explore the historical background and evolution of MSRs. Understand the basic functioning and mechanical aspects of MSRs. B. Cycling and Clearing: Learn about the cycling process of MSRs and how to effectively clear malfunctions. Emphasize safe handling practices during cycling procedures. C. Safety Protocols: Review essential safety guidelines and protocols for handling MSRs. Understand firearm safety rules specific to MSRs. D. Loading and Unloading: Demonstrate proper loading and unloading techniques for MSRs. Practice safe handling procedures during loading and unloading. E. Accuracy and Sighting Systems: Discuss factors influencing accuracy and methods for sighting in MSRs. Explore different types of sighting systems commonly used with MSRs. Live Fire Range Session: F. Fundamental Familiarity: Provide hands-on experience with MSRs to build fundamental familiarity. Practice basic shooting techniques under supervision. G. Drills: Engage in structured shooting drills to enhance proficiency with MSRs. Focus on improving marksmanship and handling skills. Equipment and Ammunition: Parro’s will provide rifles for students who do not have a personal MSR with at least a 16” barrel length. Estimated round count is 50 rounds. Ammunition will be available at a special class discount. By the end of MSR 101, participants will have developed a foundational understanding of MSR operation and safety practices, as well as practical experience in handling and shooting MSRs effectively.

Cancellation Policy

Maximum Number of Group Class Participants is 10. You Will Be Put on a Waitlist if the Class is Full.

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  • Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676, USA

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