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Completion of Introduction to Firearms 101 is required to enroll in this class.

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Service Description

. Introduction A. Welcome and Overview of Class Objectives B. Importance of Continual Skill Development II. Reinforcement of Safe and Fundamental Pistol Handling A. Review of Basic Pistol Safety B. Refresher on Shooting Fundamentals III. Understanding Point of Aim and Point of Impact A. Explanation of POA vs. POI B. Adjustments for Accuracy IV. Slide Lock/Emergency Reloads A. Techniques for Quick Reloads B. Practice Drills V. Malfunction Identification and Clearing A. Common Malfunctions and Their Causes B. Steps to Safely Clear Malfunctions VI. Trigger Manipulation for Consistency A. Importance of Trigger Control B. Exercises to Improve Trigger Pull VII. Muzzle Management for Accuracy A. Proper Handgun Recoil Management B. Controlling Muzzle Flip for Follow-up Shots VIII. Selecting a Personal Handgun A. Factors to Consider in Choosing a Pistol B. Hands-On Evaluation and Dry Firing in the Classroom IX. Laser Pistol Practice A. Utilizing Laser Pistols for Reactive Target Practice B. Reinforcing Skills in a Controlled Environment X. Live Fire Practice A. Introduction to .22 Caliber Glock Pistols B. Target Drills to Apply Classroom Learning XI. Conclusion A. Summary of Key Points B. Recommendations for Continued Practice C. Q&A Session Note: Firearms, ammunition, targets, ear, and eye protection will be provided for all participants.

Cancellation Policy

Maximum Number of Group Class Participants is 10. You Will Be Put on a Waitlist if the Class is Full.

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  • Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676, USA

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